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Certificate Social enterprise for Stepa Afwerking BV

Because social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in our society, we consulted a number of schools that provide special education in the area 10 years ago. For this we have set up a special room so that these children can fully focus on what is required of them. In the first instance we brought a number of pupils from 1 school with concentration problems, ADHD or other problems here to learn how the work process works for a number of hours a week. We of course receive counselors from the schools to guide these children and to prepare them for the ultimate integration into society. The municipality of Zaanstad has also helped us with this in the last 4 years and now we work with several schools that provide special education and a number of ladies and gentlemen from Leviaan. We are therefore proud to announce that we have been allowed to use the “Corporate Social Responsibility” certificate for 5 years.

Are you also interested in this service call or mail for more information.

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