Our organization

At Stepa we believe in a flat organization. Stepa is part of the Brupak Group. All companies of the Brupak group follow the same philosophy and these separate business units all have a flat organization.

The power of cooperation within Brupak ensures efficient cost structure. Investments in administrative systems are shared, this also applies to knowledge in that area. Another advantage of this setup is the interchangeability of staff so that we can respond quickly and accurately. All in all we are a young organization with a great history.

By continuously investing in our machinery and staff, we achieve high quality and service for an efficient price for our customers.

Directie:Stephan ScargoT +31 (0)75 6407422s.scargo@stepa.nl
Directie:Patrick van KemenadeT +31 (0)75 6407422p.vankemenade@stepa.nl
Calculatie:Bryan ScargoT +31 (0)75 6407422b.scargo@stepa.nl
Planning:Bryan ScargoT +31 (0)75 6407422b.scargo@stepa.nl
Logistiek:Adnan TurkmenT +31 (0)75 6407422info@stepa.nl
Thuiswerk:Mick GrootT +31 (0)75 6223744thuiswerk@stepa.nl
Administratie:Danny SchuurmanT +31 (0)75 6289235administratie@stepa.nl